Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Ups

To my homie Aunjel....Support this cause shes on it and I was wondering if they could have a Carson show, Sign me up lmao lol

Kick Back In Gardena

It was fun...Hung with the Peace Twins at their casa and Kick Back x Skate Session....Pics from

Summer Time

So what I need that black beanie

Spike Lee joint

I like this shirt by a up and coming brand "The devoted"

Vogue for Rogue

Now for Girls

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Before going to a event or a Party (Male and Female)

Or it won't smell like pee pee or a closed butt that hasn't been touch for ages

Night on Melrose

Party jerked so much that 1st the Police had to see what was going on then the fire fighters came and shut it down.....And someone didn't wash they ass before coming and whoever sprayed that stuff in the air it smelled like pee pee.....But it was still fun

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hot as Ice

The new ice cream place at the mall...


At the Much Repp

Man O Man....5 Guys

Since they put this new burger joint at the Carson mall i've been there every chance I get...To drink I hit it off with a Hi-C, 3 slice lemons, ice and some lemonade....Cajun style fries...I'am serious, it might have In-And-Out beat

Yo Play

This new ice cream place at the Carson mall is cool....I like Pink Berry's better... On a good note i like the set up of the place though

I Miss Me

I see U

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Carson on the Map

We play the same sport, just i'm gone put Carson on the map

Friday, June 20, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome to Las Vegas

Its not my 1st time to Vegas but had to be the worse time......I got a curfew ticket for being on the strip lmao, its to many transexual hookers, the buffet is good, i coped new stuff to my walk-in......White Girls are bomb



Don't Compare

Mike J and Kobe....Fact he didn't win MVP and lose and he sure didn't let his team down....Lakers get tougher

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Good Father

Yeah Right!!!!

Day of A Man

Not a lost memory.....

Prom King Of Serra 2008


Large in a Rockers NYC !!!!! Please (sick)

High ENd.......Neddle Sticking Son of A Gun

Support this line when it comes out.....I also believe this kid Tyler takes extremely good pics and he is a cool guy......Show him some love


Saturday, June 14, 2008

No weekends.....

I never see anyone I know, the pay is sum what good at times for a kid my age, I see famous people most of the times, tips are good, but the bad side is weekends are always gone......

I Hate working when they play........

No one wants to buy stuff, and their fans are cheap as hell and they give up the easy goals and no one famous comes to watch........No offence put they suck

Child Lover....Pee Pee

I have a piece of the video of the pedfile himself getting ready to pee pee on the girl....And the court said he didn't......Look at him lining up in position to pee pee...Yeah we see u, stop looking at us....

Friday, June 13, 2008

Momma I made it

Serra High School......Man Its crazy to leave this family environment!!! It was a big challenge for me because i made that switch from going to a public school my whole life and going to a private school. I have meet some good people from this school that i will miss alot. I just want to take time out to thank: Mom,Dad,God,church fam,work fam,God,Mr.C,Everyone that has given me wisdom,Thanks alot man,Serra Fam and Staff......Remember Love,Live,Life

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Check my bros blog.... basically told them the ends and out of blogging......And it seems they learned pretty quicky



The Ship has finally arrived

The Award Tour Summer 2008 line is here........Support this kid "Looch" a young man about to kill the fashion world with witty imagination....


I want to go.......get me in Anwar

Got to Get These

I called the sky blue ones

Tha Carter 3

To the Dj who leaked Tha Carter 3 is so STUPID.....He is going for a 1 million units and you know how tough it is now of days......Pretty Amazing

Been Really Busy : No Updates

Sorry for not updating the Blog, been really busy with school and work.....But I'm back....No school cause why its Summer Time...........

I have alot of things in mind for the Summer 08......

I also have alot of things in work to.... I'm finally going in the Studio to lay a track down lmfao and I want to do some promoting....Advertising: AIM ME DUNAGANTHEGREAT OR EMAIL: DUNAGAN@TMAIL.COM if you want to do business